What is Northern Yoga?

Northern Yoga is a yoga business located in the high north, where impulses from the raw nature and the wild weather gives inspiration to combine yoga with nature.

2016-04-1210:03 Tore Olsen

Northern Yoga

Northern Yoga is a yoga business located in Gildeskål with a wish to unite the beautiful and wild nature here in the north with yoga, meditation and healthy food. Northern Yoga has a holistic point of view, and therefore wishes to offer all these elements in a balanced and holistic way. 


Northern Yoga was founded by Marianne Wiik Olsen, certified Hatha Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, and offers weekly yoga classes in hatha yoga and restorative yoga in addition to Northern Yoga Experience. 

Weekly Yoga Classes

The weekly Hatha Yoga classes are for now at Inndyr, Sandhornly and Nygårdsjøen, but I have plans to start up other places as well, so if you have any requests, don´t hesitate to ask!

Restorative Yoga is for now only thaught at Inndyr, but I am looking at possibilities to expand this class as well. 

In 2018 I will also start teaching classes in Deva Yoga for muscle and skelettal pain. 

I wish to make yoga accessible also outside of the city centre, so I have become a real traveling yoga instructor!

I have been hired for single projects, like when I thaught yoga for 110 students at Inndyr elementary school, and when I thaught at Gildeskål Adult Education during Public Health Week. I have also been hired to make an instructional video for Boostbox.com. I am also available for single classes one - to one. 

Northern Yoga Experience

The Northern Yoga Expereience is a concept i developed where we travel away for the weekend to a locality that brings us close to nature and away from all the hustle and bustle in the city. This is a weekend with focus on yourself through yoga, meditation, nature experiencces and local nutritious food. A place to calm down and be in the present. 

The concept is to travel to secluded spots with a stunning nature and a place where you might not have travelled to by yourself. The goal is to also leave something behind to the local community by trips, dinner or other activities. 

A weekend packed with real yoga in raw nature!


I belive that yoga and meditation is something that can be attained not only on the mat, but also of it, and especially in nature. 

The goal of Northern Yoga Expereience is therefore to unite all these elements, and give you the experience and the tools to attain the stillness and present you experience here, so you can return home with a balance and knowledge of how to stay balanced in your everday life. 

Through the Northern Yoga Experience I will take you beautiful places in Norway, and show you the pearls we have in Northern Norway. I wish to offer local food as long as it is possible. 

Northern Yoga offers different yoga classes and are always looking to expand the horizon. 

Marianne Bjørnmyr